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The Confirmand understands that by completing this form he/she agrees to
be a part of Village Lutheran Church’s Confirmation Program. This will include:

-Attending weekly class sessions, Thursdays from 6 to 7 p.m.
-Participating in class sessions in order to better understand the Lutheran faith and -God’s love for me and the whole world.
-Attending both weekly and seasonal worship at VLC or another church.
-Completing ten Worship Summary Reports this year.
-Completing 25 hours of service to the community this year.

Finally, the conformation students agrees to study God’s word and the Lutheran doctrine both in and out of Confirmation class. He/she will talk about their faith and what I am learning about with friends and family. Through Confirmation, the confirmand I will work “to know, live, and share the love of Christ.”

The Parent(s)/Guardian(s) of Confirmands agrees that by selecting “yes” below, they are agreeing to support the confirmand in the conformation program, including

-Assisting and enabling my/our child to complete the expectations listed above.
-Being a positive example to my/our child as they learn about and grow in their Christian faith.

Additionally, they will ask their child about what they have learned in Confirmation class. They will talk with them about their faith. Through Confirmation, They will partner with the church to help thier child grow to know, live, and share the love of Christ.