Requirements and Expectations for Confirmands & Families

Weekly Class Sessions
Confirmation class meets every Thursday (for exceptions please refer to the schedule) from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. at Church.  Confirmands are expected to arrive to class on time, prepared to participate in discussion and exploration of our faith.  Students should come to class with a Bible,  pen or pencil and Luther’s Small Catechism.  Confirmands must communicate any absences to church office via email (KRapillo@VLC-NY.ORG).  Make-up work will be assigned to students who are absent.  If a student exceeds three absences, individual instruction time will be arranged.

Health Updates
Although we anticipate being able to meet in-person all year, it may be advisory for teachers, students and guests to wear a face mask from time to time and this is welcome. If a confirmand is feeling unwell or has a fever, please stay home and contact the church office via email (KRapillo@VLC-NY.ORG) and make-up work will be sent home.

Community Service
Confirmands must complete a minimum of 25 hours of community service. Typically, at least five of these hours must provide service to an individual or organization outside the VLC community. Likewise, at least five hours must provide service to the VLC community. During this time of Pandemic, hours may be done in the home, with family or in the home neighborhood.  (i.e. raking leaves, washing windows, helping to get groceries for a n older neighbor or relative, etc.…) Each confirmand will complete and submit a Service Hours Report for each service activity completed. These reports require a signature from a supervising adult of the service activity. Please be alert to notices in our bulletin and the Village Voice for potential service activities throughout the year.

Worship Attendance and Participation
Weekly worship attendance is expected. VLC offers worship services on Saturdays at 5:30 p.m. (in fall and spring) and Sundays at 9:00 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. in-person (and also remotely each week at the church website ( or at the church’s YouTube Channel ( or on our Facebook page ( . During the Lenten season, Mid-week Church, and holy day worship attendance is encouraged. Confirmands may participate as worship assistants in areas of their choice (ushers, lectors, communion assistants, etc.) and as available during the pandemic.

Worship Summary Reports
Confirmands must complete and submit at least ten Worship Summary Reports for this year.  These reports do not need to be completed at VLC Worship services.  However, if they are completed at a church other than VLC, please attach a copy of that church’s bulletin from the service.

Winter Retreat
We anticipate attending Koinonia Retreat Center ( this year for our retreat. This after Christmas tradition is a very special part of the program and it has been missed during the pandemic.

Class Fee
There is $135.00 class fee for our Confirmation program.  This fee helps to cover the cost of course materials as well as help pay for the Winter Retreat.  Checks can be made payable to "Village Lutheran Church," memo line: Confirmation Class or pay online by CLICKING HERE.

Class Parent(s)/Guardians(s)
We are requesting volunteer class parent(s)/guardian(s) to help assist with various projects.  Such a person would play an active role in organizing our transportation to and from our winter retreat, assist with service projects, the confirmation celebration in May, and other activities throughout the year.  Please contact the church office via email (KRapillo@VLC-NY.ORG)for further information.

confirmation Form

The Confirmand understands that by completing this form he/she agrees to be a part of Village Lutheran Church’s Confirmation Program. This will include:
-Attending weekly class sessions, Thursdays from 6 to 7 p.m.
-Participating in class sessions in order to better understand the Lutheran faith and -God’s love for me and the whole world.
-Attending both weekly and seasonal worship at VLC or another church.
-Completing ten Worship Summary Reports this year.
-Completing 25 hours of service to the community this year.

Finally, the confirmation student agrees to study God’s word and the Lutheran doctrine both in and out of Confirmation class. He/she will talk about their faith and what they are learning about with friends and family. Through Confirmation, the confirmand will work “to know, live, and share the love of Christ.”
Confirmation fee is $135 per year. It includes all materials and yearly confirmation retreat. You may pay online by CLICKING HERE.

Confirmation fee is $135 per year. It includes all materials and yearly confirmation retreat. You may pay by check or online by CLICKING HERE.