Mission & VALUES

"To KNow, live and share the love of christ"

Our Mission

To Know, Live and Share the Love of Christ

Under the blessing of God, the mission of Village Lutheran Church is a ministry of the Word and Sacraments. This ministry gives opportunities for mission, witness, nurture, fellowship, stewardship, and service. It focuses on the specific needs of individuals and groups within the congregation and extends to the church-at-large, the community, and the world.

The Chapel School is an integral part of the congregation’s ministry directed specifically to children. It provides a distinctive Christian education enabling children to evidence a Christian lifestyle and to achieve academic success.


Faith Values
We value the lost coming to faith and the faithful strengthened through the Word and the Sacraments.
We value our Lutheran heritage of grace alone, faith alone and scripture alone.
Life Values
We value high quality worship in diverse forms.
We value high quality Christian education and relevant preaching.
We value faithful stewardship of time, talents and financial resources.
We value lay leadership in ministry, especially the service of women.
We value the care of body, mind and spirit.
We value social justice and helping others.
Community Values
We value our strong commitment to the communities we serve:
(the Bronx, Southern Connecticut, Upper Manhattan and lower Westchester County).
We value our partnership with the Atlantic District staff and with the congregations, schools and ministries that the District serves.
We value the legacy of our partnership with Concordia College as an institution and with the former students, faculty and staff.